About Abalon

Where I come from it’s a tradition to give presents to the guests at your wedding, but I couldn’t find anything that was right.

As the light was fading I had an idea: to make my own candles. Born of love, influenced by nature and finished with gold, my candles are handmade, using a strong composite of porcelain.

When burning, the porcelain is translucent , and the light produced is warm and delicate. When the wax has burned away, the porcelain cup can be used again and reimagined.

My name is Ana Bridgewater, and Abalon is my alias as an artist. Over the years I have lived, worked and exhibited in the US, UK and Spain. My London studio is my laboratory and my factory.

It’s where I design and experiment, and hand-make my pieces one-by-one. It’s hard work, but I love what I do. I have been working with porcelain for over a decade – it’s an amazing material that comes direct from earth. I love it for its hardiness translucence, and sonority.

Owner & candlemaker

Ana founded Abalon to match her passion for pottery with her delight at candlemaking


Suzie was Abalon's first employee, and an excellent candlemaker

Suzie's Mum

Suzie enjoyed making candles so much that she invited her mother to join!