My name is Ana Bridgewater I design and create ceramic candles, and
Abalon is my alias as an artist.

Over the years I have lived, worked and exhibited in the US, UK and Spain. I have worked with ceramics for over 15 years and I studied design and art in Madrid, Bilbao, and Barcelona. I started exhibiting as an artist and lived in New York and Miami where I made my first solo exhibition.

You can have a look on my past exhibitions here

My London studio is my laboratory and my factory. It’s where I design and experiment, and hand-make my pieces one-by-one. It’s hard work, but I love what I do. I have been working with porcelain for over a decade – it ́s an amazing material that comes direct from earth. I love it for its hardiness translucence, and sonority. There´s something magical about this material, it is part of the Earth and has a natural beauty that I love.



The name Abalon was born as a tribute to my dad after he passed away. I sign all my pieces under this name. Now I also have created a sustainable business and I have called it Abalon.

I was born in the Basque country in Spain. One of our many traditions is to give gifts to the quests at your wedding. I was arranging my wedding here, in England but I couldn´t find anything that was suitable to give to my quests. As the light was fading I had an idea: to make my own candles and this is how my business was created and I started to work full time as a potter.

Born of love, influenced by nature and finished with gold, my pots are handmade, using a strong composite of porcelain. When burning the porcelain in the kiln it becomes translucent, and the light produced is warm and delicate.


Sculpture and installation artist that has started a business in organic reusable candles and decorative lamps.

programer & new media artist

Jack is a well known artist, currently studying a Ph.D. in Goldsmiths. Jack creates amazing light interactive installations.