About Us

Abalon is two words: sustainable-green


In Abalon UK we have a clear vision: is unaffordable a gram of more waste in this world. That´s why we work hard to give our final products the quality of a great philosophy.

 How Abalon was born

Ana named herself Abalon in 2007, she chose this name when she was asked to exhibit for her first time and since then has been her artistic AKA. You can see her past exhibitions here

In 2015 Ana got married, and Abalon candles were born by a necessity of creating a gift for their beloved ones. It was her way to represent love by a glowing -fragile but strong- porcelain vase that can be refilled and used for the rest of their lives.

“Where I come from it’s a tradition to give presents to the guests at your wedding, but I couldn’t find anything that was right.”


She has been working with porcelain for over a decade. It’s an amazing material that comes direct from earth. She loves it for its hardiness, translucence, sonority, silk texture and the versatility of the material itself.


Sculpture and installation artist that has started a business in organic reusable candles and decorative lamps.

programer & new media artist

Jack is a well known artist, currently studying a Ph.D. in Goldsmiths. Jack creates amazing light interactive installations.

Susi Huang
assistant & ceramic artist

Susie graduated from Central San Martins and she exhibits in the UK and you can find her amazing pieces in https://www.cernamic.com