Hello, my name is Ana I design and create ceramic candles and porcelain lampshades in London. There´s something magical about this material, it is part of the Earth and has a natural beauty that I love.

When I got married I couldn´t find a suitable gift for my guests, so I decided to make translucent porcelain candles for them. Each porcelain piece is a unique handcrafted piece with a gold lip that can be reused as a cup, plant pot or as whatever you decide.

I´ve worked with ceramics for over 15 years. I studied design and art in Madrid, Bilbao, and Barcelona. I started exhibiting as an artist and lived in New York and Miami where I made my first solo exhibition. You can see my past exhibitions here.                                                                                                                       The name of Abalon was born as a tribute to my dad after he died and I signed my art pieces under this name.


Sculpture and installation artist that has started a business in organic reusable candles and decorative lamps.

programer & new media artist

Jack is a well known artist, currently studying a Ph.D. in Goldsmiths. Jack creates amazing light interactive installations.