Bespoke Candles

We can customize every candle for special occasions, or corporative customization of logos or text

This is the list of prices for this service:

1 pieces: £10

1-10 pieces: £30*

10-100: £45*

200-300: £95*

300-400: £165*


*If the porcelain is available in stock will be ready from 6-8 working days please check before with us the stock.

**All logos can be the same or random, like name initials for special gifts, like the picture below.



Own Brand Scented Candles & Diffusers

Abalon is collaborating with London Based Tuesdays perfume and candle scent designer.

Abalon is launching two of this creative collaboration scents in a limited edition of 100 candles each.

Toasted & Star Scents Limited editions will be available in our website.