Abalon Set (Small) ***Christmas Offer refill free***




The Abalon set gives you the opportunity to create your own package. Choose your candle and choose your refill.

Perfect for a gift.

Small Candles  Measurements:

7x9cm  2.7”x3.5”

Benefits of Abalon EcoSoya Candles

1.Sustainable, renewable, soya plant-based wax

2.100% Natural essential oils with no additives and ethically sourced

3.Ecosoya wax comes from organic soybean oil

Contains no herbicides or pesticides


4.Non-toxic to burn

Ecowicks made of cotton

5.Longer lasting burn, generally 30-50% longer than paraffin


From Ana with love:

Please try to reuse your unique ceramic pot – refill it, use it as a plant pot, just don´t throw it away!

The wax residue can easily be removed with warm water (see my video online: how to re-use and clean the pot)

It is dishwasher safe too

A secret – it can also be used as a massage candle and has been dermatologically tested on humans, not animals.


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