Make your own Eco Candle with pure essential oil-Workshop


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2 hs workshop to learn the basics in candle making & essential oil bend

Aromatherapy Candles are the perfect solution to help with relaxation, anxiety and stress relief.

Learn the basics of candle making and make your own candle in one of Abalon ceramic containers and make your own refills for it.

We will be explaining the different types of candles that you can find in the market and how the eco candles are the most beneficial for your health. We then learn the basics of bending the wax with the pure essential oil so you can try the positive influence of the natural scents.


In this hour and a half workshop, you will be pouring your own candle in a unique ceramic pot made for you in our studio and three refills with essential oils of your choice.


The wax has to set for 72 hours and then we will post it to you.


Enjoy your making.


Benefits of Abalon EcoSoya Candles



  1. Sustainable, renewable, soya plant-based wax


  1. 100% Natural essential oils with no additives and ethically sourced


  1. Ecosoya wax comes from

Organic soybean oil

Contains no herbicides or pesticides



  1. Non-toxic to burn

Ecowicks made of cotton


  1. Longer lasting burn, generally 30-50% longer than paraffin


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