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We have though on all the candle lovers that don’t have time but know they want to benefit of the eco soya  and our translucent pot.

Most of the candles on the market are made of bends or worse paraffin wax, which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned.

We also value your time and we want you to have the best at your home.

You can also benefit of a discounted price if you are ordering more than one refill per month of any kind ( has to be the same size ).

If you need other quantity please email or phone us to check other options.

Please notice that the refills are smaller than the original candle. We have adapted the price to the amount of wax and essential oil that you’re ordering. The main reason for it to be smaller is for your security.

How to clean your candle to refill it:

  1. Clean the pot from the remained wax and place the aluminium tap in a recycling bin
  2. Place the new refill inside the pot. Now you are all set up to lid your unique candle and enjoy the benefits of the oils

Watch our video :“how to reuse your candle in our main home”

Sizes& Specifications

Medium size candle 8×10.5cm – 3.1” x 4.1”

Weight: approx. porcelain pot + 230 gr wax: total: 400gr

Refill weight: approx. 150gr/170gr


Small size candle 7x9cm- 2.7×3.5”

Weight: approx. porcelain pot + 140 gr wax: total: 240gr

Refill weight: approx. 100gr/110gr


We will include a bag with our address and you can send us the box so we can reuse it again and we will refund your post cost in your next month subscription.

Thanks for helping us to generate less waste.


Reuse, recycle, rethink



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