Orion Collection: London Blue Marbled Medium Candle Set with refill


This is a gorgeous handmade translucent porcelain polished by hand ended with gold details and a 4mm diamond cut London Blue Topaz setting.
This glowing vase can be re-filled or re-used as a teacup where you can drink from the gold lip, or re-used as an orchid pot as these plants need light on their routes and you can free them of the plastic pot for example.

Candle Essence

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Product code: ca.3518.009


Dimension: 8×10,5cm – 3.1×4.1” Medium

Product description:

Limited Edition of the London Blue collection, which Ana has selected the most beautiful and suitable ones for this London Blue Topaz Setting.

Fired 6 times to achieve this unique, one of a kind porcelain translucent and blue glowing candle.

Boxed Bone China Porcelain Soya Candle with Real Gold & a 4mm Diamond cut London Blue Topaz setting, Eco Cotton Wick and Natural Essential Oils.

This candle will deliver natural essence to your home for about 65hs and you can always refill it again.

Benefits of Abalon EcoSoya Candles

1.Sustainable, renewable, soya plant-based wax

2.100% Natural essential oils with no additives and ethically sourced

3.Ecosoya wax comes from organic soybean oil

Contains no herbicides or pesticides


4.Non-toxic to burn

Ecowicks made of cotton

5.Longer lasting burn, generally 30-50% longer than paraffin


From Ana with love:

Please try to reuse your unique ceramic pot – refill it, use it as a plant pot, just don´t throw it away!

The wax residue can easily be removed with warm water (see my video online: how to re-use and clean the pot)

It is dishwasher safe too

A secret – it can also be used as a massage candle and has been dermatologically tested on humans, not animals.

Additional information

Weight 200-350 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 12 cm


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