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My name is Ana Bridgewater and I have a career in Arts & Philosophy and Abalon is my artistic name. I have exhibited in London, Miami, New York, Madrid and Barcelona among other locations. I stabilised my own business in 2015, committed to be sustainable designing with an efficient use of materials in mind and innovating for minimising waste to 0. I do believe that we have to start producing and consuming more consciously and abalon it’s my response to this. We can create a more sustainable way of consuming.

I am working slowly but as hard as I can to give the best quality for the best price. That’s why I don’t sell through other supplies unless we are both committed to the same ethos as this will duplicate the price of each piece and you all deserve more quality.

My business creates high quality translucent porcelains with eco-friendly soya candles and cotton wicks. Once the candle it’s finished you can order ecorefills from this website or reuse it as a cup, plant pot, or imagine your own way.

I make every piece with my own hands in my art west London studio.

I can say I am 99% sustainable. 

Combining the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and the necessity to create an environmentally eco-friendly & nontoxic burn candle.

Our Ethos:

-Reducing waste impact

-Maximising recycling

-Encouraging our customer to recycle

-Locally made


-99.9% Sustainable & reusable green design ( some might break and would be almost impossible to fix, although I am working with broken ceramics as terrazzo material to create other pieces)

The materials for the candles:

Each porcelain pot is filled with pure eco-soya wax deriving from renewable, organic soya-bean oil. The eco-friendly wax is then infused with 100% natural, ethically and locally sourced essential oils, distilled when possible by a family runned distillery based in Norfolk, and through it runs a cotton eco-wick that is non-toxic to burn.

Available as naked soya or in six evocative scents (lemongrass, lavender, a cedarwood, rosemary, lavandin blend, cinnamon & bergamot, aniseed and petitgrain), the candles burn clean so that once the wax has burned down, it can easily be replaced with a refill. The burn of these candles typically last 30-50% longer than paraffin wax, and the formulation means they can also be used as massage candles, with wax that has been dermatologically tested on humans, not animals.

With porcelain sourced in the UK from Stoke-on-Trent, each piece endures a long process of sanding and firings, making them as precious and durable as venetian glass. With each piece featuring Abalon’s trademarked gold lip, the dishwasher safe pots can also be reused as a tea cup. Additionally, the natural translucence of the porcelain makes it the perfect container for plants such as orchids that need light on their roots.

Available in a variety of blues, greens and greys, some set with precious gems such as emeralds, topazes and agathas.

Abalon has exhibited in hundreds of design fairs and craft events around the world but also has an art career as an artist.

These are her art exhibitions:

if you would like to know more please email [email protected]



“One Again” Marylebone  November, London 2019


“Who said broken” .The Forge. November, London 2018


Test Signal. Hotel Elephant. September, London 2014


Pure Evil. London. Hands, London 2013-2014


La Casa Turquesa. Miami 2012

London West Bank Gallery. Bronze graffiti hands. London 2012-2014

Cultivate Vyner Street. London 2012


La Fundiciò del Poblenou. Open Studios, Barcelona 2011

International women´s day. Civic Center Poblenou, Barcelona 2011

Niu Gallery collective. Poblenou, Barcelona 2011


Undressed Clothing Party. Barcelona 2010

Montana Colors Gallery. Living Art: Objects. Barcelona 2010

Galería La Nave. Living Art: Eskuak ( Hands). Barcelona. 2010


Happening Art isn´t dead, just has a virus. Madrid Arco 2008


Galleria La Nave. Noche Blanca. Barcelona 2009


BBVA video art: Apariencia (4´15´´sg). Bilbao 2007

Selected for final Univeristy show:

Euskal Herriko Unibertzitatea. Bihotzak ( Hearths) . Zarautz 2007


Seminario de Sargadelos Collective. Lugo 2006

Crafts Council Directory Artist

Photograph by Esmeralda Martin