Box-set 6 tea light refills


You choose the scent or naked version: *

Please click one if you want both candles to be one scent or choose only two if your options are two different scents. Thanks. We only use pure essential oil in the natural wax



4,4cm diameter x 2,5cm ecosoy refill and cotton wick.

Naked or with essential oils all are non toxic burn, poured one by one with a 2cm diameter tap for extra security.

8-9h burn/each

Please remember that this is a natural wax that reacts with temperature.

Keep it under 25C for maximising the burn.

We use an auto-trim wick but we recommend trimming your candles each time you want to use them to make a cleaner burn and avoid dark smoke.

Find in the box more instructions on how to clean your porcelain holder.

I will recommend to burn the refill for 1 hour for the first time- This will allow the melted wax fix the refill into the holder.

After 1 hour, time the wick if necesary and enjoy the benefits of a non toxic candle.



How much it costs:

Parafin wax £2/kg

I use: Ecosoya Advanced wax £5/kg

France oils £10-20/l

I use: essential oils of £100/l

I use a ratio of 7-8% essential oil on each candle








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