Candle eco refill compatible with Cire Classic size


Reduce, Reuse, Refill



You choose the scent or naked version: *

Please click one if you want both candles to be one scent or choose only two if your options are two different scents. Thanks. We only use pure essential oil in the natural wax



Please note that the refill box come with one refill and this is slightly smaller than the actual wax carried by the original candle but it will burn the same time as eco soy wax it’s the most efficient wax and less last more.

This refill will fit in a Cire Classic: Dimensions: 55 to 60 hours ; Weight: H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm ; Burning time: 270g / 9,5 oz.

The refills need to be burning for at least 1h time for the top wax to melt and then please trim the wick.

We use an auto-trim cotton wick but we recommend trimming your candles each time you want to use them to make a cleaner burn and avoid dark smoke.

Enjoy the benefits of a non toxic candle.


How much it costs:

Parafin wax £2/kg

I use this: Ecosoya Advanced wax £6/kg

France oils £10-20/l

I use: essential oils of £100/l

I use a ratio of 7-8% essential oil on each candle


Enjoy the benefits of nature and fresh hand poured one by one.

We don’t stock any refills as it’s made to order for you to ensure the best quality of aromatherapy.










2 reviews for Candle eco refill compatible with Cire Classic size

  1. Elisabeth Hardy

    I wanted a non toxic and sustainable candle and with no additives and couldn’t find anything on the market until I found this brand!
    The wax is natural oils and it burns clean. No more headaches or toxins and smells incredible

  2. Charles Xuee

    Nice natural scent, I have to say that isn’t like a house diffuser but I much like it natural and non toxic

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