Corallo Bianco S




Corallo Collection

Abalon & Memories of Green

Pendant Lamp made from White Porcelain and Wood.

Paying tribute to coral formations and the endangered state of coral reefs and oceans, a share of Corallo’s profits will go to save the ocean’s destruction and combat its acidification.

– “With your help, I have finally managed to represent with clarity the culmination of these pieces, by creating elements that mimic nature, contradict the properties of the materials and echo an important message to our environment.” – Ana Bridgewater. The translucence of the piece shows light in a deeper level of beauty, using the material as a medium and allowing itself to be poetically sculped by light.

The collection is completely made from recycled porcelain and recycled wood and slightly dipped in gold to elevate the piece and open the conversation of what truly is precious in our world and how nature’s blessings truly are the jewels of our planet.


Pendant light: H29cm X Ø22cm Approx.

Materials: Birchwood, Porcelain

Weight: 2 Kg Approx

Made to order

Lead time: 2 – 4 weeks

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only guarantee shipping orders inside the UK & EU.

*Brexit: EU orders might be subject to aditional fees and longer delivery times due to Brexit adjustment. Duty tariffs are up to 20% of the cost of the piece for international purchases.


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