Cosmic Dark 5x3cm with two refills. 24h approx.


You choose the scent or naked version: *

Please click one if you want both candles to be one scent or choose only two if your options are two different scents. Thanks. We only use pure essential oil in the natural wax

6 extra refills (48h burn)


Made with all my love this project was born to reduce the use of waste material.

I have design this tea light holder and the refills so they last for approx 10h.

5cm diameter x 3 cm height.

This first candle comes with 1 refill.

The set will last for 20h burn .

You can use it a a tea light holder as well.

—–If room temperature it’s under 20 degrees, this might affect the burning and leave more residue. Please get in touch if this is the case so we can amend your order and put bigger wicks.——-


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