Translucent Red Porcelain with one refill

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Approx 8,5cm top diameter x 7cm height

140gr of soya wax

Burns for approx 30hs

Candle + one refill that will burn for approx 25hs -approx 123gr


Each of our candles are made in the most sustainable way. This includes:

Eco-wicks made of cotton.

100% natural Norfolk distilled pure essential oil.

100% renewable plant-based wax.

Contains no herbicides or pesticides and is biodegradable.

No additives and non-toxic.

Vegan and Kosher friendly.

You choose the scent or naked version: *

Please click one if you want both candles to be one scent or choose only two if your options are two different scents. Thanks. We only use pure essential oil in the natural wax




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About Abalon

Abalon was established in London in 2015 and works across a range of porcelain art pieces.

Ana Bridgewater has a background in the arts and Abalon is her artistic name. Her work has been exhibited in London, Miami, New York and Madrid.


Abalon creates high quality translucent porcelain with eco-friendly soya candles and wicks.

Our London Red range is simple to refill: once the candle has burnt either wash it by hand or use a dishwasher (always remove the remaining wax with warm water before placing it in the dishwasher). Our online video shows how to do this!

– Porcelain from Stoke-on-Trent
– Real Gold: Gold Luster
– Ecowicks made of cotton
– 100% natural Norfolk distilled pure essential oil
– Sustainable, renewable plant-based wax
–¬†Contains no herbicides or pesticides and is biodegradable
– Non-toxic. Burns for around 25-30 hours (initial candle) and 15-20 hours (each refill)
– Dimensions: 7cm x 9cm

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Weight 1 kg


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