As a designer and sculptor, I have been working with porcelain since 2004. I established my business in London in 2015 and it has been recognized internationally for its sustainable ethos. I have worked with notable clients such as The National Trust, Petersham Nurseries, Alex Eagle, and The Spanish Embassy, and have been featured in international press such as The Independent, The Guardian, Elle Decoration, and You magazine.

I prioritise using local materials whenever possible and operate under a no plastic policy. I believe that designers have a responsibility to create sustainable solutions, and that consumers have the power to make choices about the products they buy.
All of my designs and production processes are done by hand in London. I design long-lasting, reusable objects that generate minimal waste, and am committed in using sustainable materials to produce products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

My latest designs are lighting sculptures released in September 2022. My approach to design is based on biophilic design principles, which incorporate elements of nature to create a more harmonious and inviting environment. These designs aim to improve the well-being and productivity of the users by reducing stress, improving mood and increasing productivity. These designs are created with an efficient material, Corallo porcelain.

Ana Bridgewater abalon

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