Corallo Collection

Tribute to the reefs

Abalon and Lomas presents a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted floor lamp made from premium, translucent coral-inspired porcelain and pure gold and selected wood from Devon. This exquisite design can also be customized in black porcelain, oak or walnut.


The Noor lamp, collaboration between Abalon and Lomas, is a masterful creation of hand-bent wood and an Abalon Corallo shade. The lighting feature casts a captivating sculptural presence in any space and can be configured as multiple points of illumination.


The Corallo Collection, a partnership between Abalon and Memories of Green, is a unique blend of wood and coral-inspired porcelain. Each piece is custom-made with a variety of wood options and black porcelain available. The collection was created to raise awareness for the endangered coral reefs of the world.


Myddelton Square, London
As a designer with both creative and technical expertise, I have been utilizing my skills during the Covid-19 pandemic by working on private home renovations. In one particular project, a listed property in Myddleton Square, I was able to incorporate my design aesthetic through the inclusion of two fitted ceiling lamps, two one-of-a-kind table lamps crafted from recycled metal, and a large, 60cm diameter ceiling piece in the entrance. The unique textures and lighting brought by these pieces greatly enhance the newly renovated space, creating the illusion of greater size and a more inviting atmosphere.
Sheen Street, London
I was approached by the family of a centuries-old Richmond property with three floors to provide lighting solutions for the main entrance, kitchen extension, and a low ceiling bedroom. In the kitchen extension, I designed a beautiful display with four Noor lamps, each featuring a coral-inspired shade resembling delicate white and blue bellflowers suspended in each corner of the space. For the entrance, I crafted two organic tulip-shaped fixtures in antique brass. In the bedroom, I designed a new urchin-inspired porcelain ceiling lamp and paired it with two antique brass organic shades, which were placed on either side of the fireplace. The result was a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the property.
Leigh Gardens, London
I had the pleasure of designing and managing the renovation of Leigh Gardens, a 1930s semi-detached 2-storey house converted into a 3-storey home with a kitchen extension and ground-level studio in the garden with street access. This project was undertaken during the pandemic and aimed to restore the property's original features, while incorporating new garden and plant spaces both inside and outside. The goal was to maximize light throughout the house and create minimal yet inviting spaces where one would want to stay. The windows and doors were opened from the top to the bottom of the ceilings, and all lighting was aligned to create a serene marine atmosphere. In the rear extension, I designed a new lamp with green tones and antique brass patinated with multiple layers of natural dyes, which can be swapped out for different shades depending on the mood. In the entrance, I created a lamp out of a broken corallo vase in collaboration with Memories of Green. In total, 15 different lighting features were implemented, all unique and designed to generate a calming yet playful atmosphere.
I was approached by a private client to create a shade for their existing table lamps in the house. Upholstering old lamps is a sustainable approach to creating a pleasant atmospheric lighting while also reducing waste by reusing materials. In the past, I had already rewired and updated other lighting fixtures for this client, but this project was an exciting surprise. I enjoy listening to my client's preferences and desires, as it often leads to the creation of new and unique designs.